Keb Ellis (kebstarr) wrote in 100bu11ets,
Keb Ellis

The Minutemen and their names.

Okay, so I'm trying to figure out who's who in the Minutemen.

Wylie is the Point Man
Lono is the Saint
Cole is Wolf
Victor is the Rain
Jack is the Monster
Milo is the Bastard
Dizzy is (obviously) the Girl
and Loop is the Kid

So, in issue 58, who the hell is The Dog? I'm thinking it's Curtis Hughes, but I could be totally wrong.
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Lono is the dog. I remember either Graves or Shepard saying something like "The dog killed The Bastard" in one of the issues.

The saint has yet to be revealed.

Also, has Jack Been confirmed as The Monster? If he has, i must have missed something somwhere.
That's right, Lono is the dog. Woops! So the Saint has yet to be revealed? I thought at first, the Saint was Victor, but he's the Rain.

Jack isn't confirmed as The Monster, but if you read that same story, Graves says "The Monster is wrestling with personal demons". So who else is wrestling with personal demons other than Jack? Jack can be either the Saint or The Monster, I guess.
I've heard a theory that Spain is the Saint.